Cheese production line

Exception performance in cheese and whey production

Sun Machine best-practice line solutions are based on our unique experience and expertise in cheese and whey, as well as in engineering technology. We work closely with our customers to supply efficient, customized line solutions that deliver safe, consistent product quality with the shortest payback time and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Sun Machine line solutions for:


a wide capacity range configured to every need. Exceptional efficiency and reliability, consistent blocks with guaranteed weight, uniform shape and size and consistent quality. Technology to make batch production continuous.

Hard & semi-hard cheese

more than 100 years’ experience, with thousands of vats installed worldwide. Wide range in draining equipment for complete solutions with overall line control to maintain product quality and maximize uptime.

Pasta filata

for mozzarella and similar cheeses – often used for pizza toppings. Reliable line solutions designed to match end-product quality needs. Very high efficiency and – engineered for low utility consumption. Guaranteed lower operational costs.

Cottage cheese

outstanding uniformity of curd size, with high yield and low product losses. Full process control for all recipes, with easy addition of many ingredients, in a fully enclosed system that eliminates contamination.

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